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Original Lineup: 2001-2005
We are opening for Civil Defense - a legendary punk rock band from Siberia.
This was their first ever visit to San Francisco
This was also the last show of Greenpig, and the last show of the original Black Dream.
Pictures were taken by Denis Makarenko
Playing at the Russian Birthday party in an Oakland warehouse...
SHOW AT PORTLITE, OAKLAND, CA: November 21, 2003
Our first show in over a year, and Greenpig marks the reunion by acting possessed....
We were really excited to get back on stage, and we don't plan on waiting another 13 months to do so!
CD RELEASE PARTY, HAYWARD, CA:  August 9th, 2003
A big bottle of French (or should we say "Freedom" ?) vodka "Grey Goose" was under our supervision ...
It took us a long time to produce our debut CD, but we think that the result is well worth the time spent on it
RECORDING OUR DEBUT CD, HAYWARD, CA:  December 2002 - January 2003
The cozy apartment is in a mess. Cords, amplifiers, headphones and other stuff are all over the place.
The walls are trembling as the rage-infused riffs of Black Dream shake the apartment complex.
OUR SHOW AT THE PORTLITE, OAKLAND, CA: Saturday April 13, 2002
You can see from the pictures that this was an extremely sweaty show. But then again, that IS what we are all about. It was a pleasure to play with Sciflyer and Bridgeburners. We even got paid $20 (!) for the show. That led to rumours spreading throught the underground about us selling out. We must state that these rumours simply aren't true.
OUR SECOND SHOW:  Sunday, April 29, 2001.  Stork Club.  Oakland, CA
A legend in its own right, the Stork Club beckoned us with its country music and dive bar ambience.  On this night however, the pleasant acoustic melodies that usually echoed within its realm were interrupted by our brash and soulfully distorted music.   This time, our show was recorded on two video feeds and a digital camera.
OUR FIRST SHOW:  Tuesday, April 3, 2001.  Starry Plough, Berkeley, CA
Fans, some drunk, some completely smashed, celebrated our debut at this storied local area pub.  A freelance photographic journalist helped us document this night, but the pictures you see are actually taken from a video done by a former Russian mob bodyguard.  Of course, now that he has been outed, he is in danger of being a former living human as well. But we like him, so please don't tell anyone.