Disintegration EP (October 2005)
This is the last studio recording of the original Black Dream with Greenpig, and Thundertoes
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Mike Keller at Pointless Records, Castro Valley, CA

All 7 tracks in MP3 format with comments are HERE
Unforgiving Times (June 2003)
The process of recording this album was started back in October 2002 and finished in June 2003
We've come a long way, and HERE THEY ARE all 13 tracks in MP3 format
Last Day Saloon, San Francisco, CA (10/7/2005)
We were really proud to open for Civil Defense - THE most influential Russian punk rock band
Thank you, Michael Khitrov for this recording

The Final Fight
I Don't Love You Anymore
Ya Punk
On The Frontline
Live at Kimo's, San Francisco, CA (5/01/2004)
This was the first ever time, we played at this place.
Thanks to The Singularity for inviting us, and thanks to Boom for this recording

The Final Fight
I Don't Love You Anymore
Story Of My Hate
Ya Punk
One More Day
Live at Stork Club, Oakland, CA (7/22/2001)
Some of the regulars did not like us much. They'd rather listen to various country shit instead... Screw them!
Thank you, Girl George, for being our sound engineer.

Voice Of Your Tribe
Requiem For the Spice Girls (Spring 2001)
This is our first “demo”. Basically recorded live during our practice. A fine experiment in DIY aesthetics and audio misengineering.
Badly played, badly recorded, badly mixed. Enjoy!!!

For this demo, we didn't come up with any cover design. Hopefully, you will like this pig, though.
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