Our long awaited release contains 5 new songs as well as re-recording of the old classic "Song of Hope"

Recorded and mixed by Chris "Hype" Mayrena at Hyper Raje Productions
Mastered by Mr. Toads
Artwork by Giant Girlfriend

Available for download at CD Baby
1. Generator - MP3 Lyrics
A sad sad song about living by other people's rules.
4. Love Song - MP3 Lyrics
Don't you sometimes wish your chick would just drop dead? No? Oh, well neither do we...
2. Voices In My Head - MP3 Lyrics
Fun swamp boogie to make your Ego and Id reconsider their relationship.
5. Nomar - MP3 Lyrics
He lives inside Uncle Lou. And no, its not his boyfriend or a tapeworm. Its much much worse.
3. Union 69 - MP3 Lyrics
Bands helping bands. Cause that's how we roll in the underground!
6. Song Of Hope - MP3 Lyrics
An old classic re-recorded. A song to start your day and fall asleep to.