The first release with Uncle Lou on bass.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered
by Mike Keller at Pointless Records.

Available for download at CD Baby
1. I Don't Love You Anymore - MP3 Lyrics
An old classic!
Still as relevant today as ever.
4. Monster - MP3 Lyrics
Uncle Lou wrote this one, but Mad Heathen can definitely relate.
2. Under The Knife - MP3 Lyrics
Song about Mad Heathen's surgery.
Thankfully, he is still alive.
5. The Final Fight - MP3 Lyrics
One of the oldest Black Dream opuses.
But we never really had a recording that captured the spirit of this song. Until now!
3. DUI (Another Kind of Fun) - MP3 Lyrics
A crash course in drinking and driving.
We know you do it, so don't even pretend.
6. Willow Street - MP3 Lyrics
Song about uncle Lou's brutal experience on the streets of beautiful New Haven, CT.