Voices In My Head
Union 69
Love Song
Song of Hope

I Don't Love You Anymore
Under The Knife
DUI (Another Kind of Fun)
The Final Fight
Willow Street

Fired Up
Falling Down
In My City
The Final Fight
Song of Hope
On The Frontline
One More Day
The Story Of My Hate

Nothing Out There
I Don't Love You Anymore
Аутсайдер (Outsider)
Наваждение (The Spell)
The Final Fight
Раздражение (Irritation)
Блюй (Barf)
Surf's Down
Я Панк (That's Punk)
We Will Die Young
Voice Of Your Tribe


Going out tonight, getting ready to party
We are the ones who bring the noise
Working the into a frenzy
Let's get fired up!

    Fired up (fired up) - our battle cry
    Fired up (fired up) raise your hands to the sky
    Fired up (fired up) blasting out your ears
    Fired up (fired up) we've been doing this for years 

Thrashing moshpit - we call it our home!
Lovely smell of beer, puke and blood.
Belly up to the bar, get drunk and stoned
Let's get fired up!

Stand up now with your fist in the air
Get your mind away from your daily crap
Show your love for the punks everywhere
Let's get fired up!

A lost job, and nothing is new
People all over the country fighting to live
Keeping your head up, nothing left to do
Fighting for your family, and make it through

    Falling done - stand back up
    Walking through dark tunnels - you never look back
    Make your way to the other side
    Don't give up!
    Live with pride!

Many lost their homes.  They are now on the street.
Families losing everything, not accepting defeat
We are one Nation that will never die
So, for those who lost a lot: give it another try

When history repeats itself, we'll be in good shape
It's our turn now to decide our fate
We've seen the Great Depression, and lived through brutal wars
We'll rise up from the ashes like we've always done before




No one to blame for what you could have been
In this life of yours you're scoring all the precious points
Do you remember now
Who taught you that's the way to be?
Make your own mistakes and leave them for the world to see

Between your tales and your stories
There's little room for truth
You see no way of escaping
The cage you've built up for yourself 
Beneath the sheets of confusion
Lies the man that time forgot
Between your silly confessions
There's little room for God

Years go by, scenes in someone else's play
Everyone is lost, but some will make it out alive
You are lacing up your boots
Soles of broken flowers and dirty grime
Color postcards of hope are turning yellow-gray with time

Between your wife and your girlfriend 
There's little room for mom 
And you are still running forward 
Leaving childhood dreams behind 
Sometimes you hear the laughter 
Or tears pouring from above 
Between your sex and your money 
There's little room for love 


I don't remember 
What is wrong, and what is right
But I do remember 
That I love Bud Light

I have no feelings, 
I never laugh, I never cry
The only thing I know 
Is that I wanna get high

    Voices in my head are on the loose
    Voices in my head, they're always here
    Voices in my head are asking for booze
    They know what is better for me 

It's 9 in the morning, 
I'll get another 12-pack
My vision is blurry, 
But I don't give a fuck

I don't care about nothing
Fuck this family crap
This is my ultimate freedom
And I will never give up


Times have changed in the music world
Corporate whores are callling all the shots
Major labels suck
They don't give a fuck
They just want to make another buck

    We are Union 69!
    Raise your hands, jump onstage!
    We are Union 69!
    Bring back the real punk days! 

Punk is played by a bunch of queers
Who'd rather drink Champagne instead of beer
Stupid emo kids
Roaming the streets
Where the punks completely disappeared

You support us, what else do we need?
No money? We don't give a shit!
We will be around
In the underground
Torturing your brains with our sound!


When I met you, it was love at first sight
In  an alleyway, behind the bar
Never thought that I would fall so madly in love that way
Quiet girl with wide-open beautiful eyes

    She's everything that I have always wanted
    And I'm not bothered by her mom and the mold
    I wash her every day to keep the flies away...
    I love them cold! 

She doesn't sleep around, she never bitches
On the nights when I don't come home
She just silently waits for me to return into her arms
In her spot on the couch, where she knows whe belongs

But sometimes I lay awake, full of doubt
This relationship started to stink
But I know that she is my one and only soulmate
Death won't get in a way of a love like this!


I sit in a place all alone
Something is with me from the unknown
I think i'm going crazy
Doctors tell me I'm just lazy

    Things you see aren't what they seem
    Something's in here with me
    I try to get my thoughts together
    Nomar's with me forever 

I sit all alone watching the TV
All the time my mind plays tricks on me
I put a gun to my fucking head
Oh God, I wish Nomar was fucking dead


When I am losing
Something I'll never forget
When I am realizing
That someone has left, and is not coming back
When I feel that my life is broken
And I can't do anything right

But something inside me helps me to survive
To brace myself, to hold my head up high

Whatever happened
Some day will happen again
But I think I am learning
To deal with my past without major pain
I am learning to only look forward
I am learning to find my way

To do what I want to, and not even care
About anything that slipped away



Alone again this night, and I don't feel bad at all
But I know I need a break
And now I got some time,
I got time to come up with decision that I have to make

I need to sort something out once and forever
And I think I know already that I will never-
I'll never dial your number, I'll never ask you out,
I really don't care and all I got to say

    I don't love you anymore

You got enormous boobs but a tiny chicken brain
Enough for me, I'm bailing out
I know you love my money
But I spent so fucking much on crap I don't want to talk about

More and more I wonder about us- it seems like de javu
And I don't see any fucking reason to keep in touch with you
Cut open your veins or just become a whore,
I really don't care and all I got to say

    I don't love you anymore


The resolution is made
There's no way back, then
No way back, then
While it is still not too late
I sure must let it happen
Let it happen

    Going under the knife
    I'll see if I can stay alive

They put a gas mask on me
And make incisions in four places
In four places
My name might end up being on
The list of unsuccessful cases
Unsuccessful cases

For those who will miss me
I want to say: "I'll see you later.
See you later"
And let this song forever be
The last fuck off to all my haters
To all my haters


Drinking countless rounds on Friday night
The bar is almost closed, it's time for a ride
Ten beers in my stomach will keep me alive
I can't walk anymore, but I still can drive!

    DUI is not a crime
    Just another kind of fun

Driving down the road, obeying traffic lights and stops
Checking my rear view mirror for scouting cops
If they pull me over - that'll be a disaster
But they'll never get me, because my car is much faster!

Drinking countless rounds on Friday night
The bar is almost closed, it's time for a ride
Ten beers in my stomach will keep me alive
I can't drink anymore, but I still can drive!


When I try to sleep I always see their faces
All of they shot, or killed in different places
All were my friends, put in the ground
Never to make another sound

    Death in my life ... since an early age
    And in this life I want to rage!

Some had it coming, some cut down before their time
I wish I could find some piece of mind
Can I be mad for the rest of my days?
I feel like a rat caught in a maze

I am still here. I know, I escaped my fate
But for how long? Someone has my date.
Life is a bitch and then you die
Maybe then we could answer the question "Why?"


And again cold steel will jump-start my heart
And my blood will be boiling, bursting out of my veins
If the past is forgotten, there is no place for regrets
I will keep going ahead without feeling my pain

    This is my final battle and I am ready to fight
    Sword is sharp, it grows thirsty for enemy's blood
    But if Death comes for tribute, she will not be denied
    And forgiveness is something no one cares about.

There's no time to think and no need for disguise
I will not turn around -it's already too late
And my mind is aware of the bloody demise
But my spirit is rising on the wings of my hate

And the sun will come up, bloody sunset will follow
The decision was final, and I must remain strong
Ugly death is much better then one cowardly step
Let indifferent stars carry on my last song

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It's hard to do right
When you're always wrong
Stooped so low
Told to bow

You defied their lust
For your sacred blood
Now chains in tow
Told to bow

    No justice
    No peace
    History repeats
    There's no justice
    Till you rest in peace

You must repent
You can't resent
You must repent
You can't resent

One man's bloody fist
Another man's noose is tighter
Twist by twist it grips
Man by man they turn their heads
Turn their heads
Turn away
Thinking their future is brighter


Looking at the peaceful sky,
And enjoying morning breeze
You don't realize that danger
Is closer than you think it is

There's no place to be safe
There's no place you can hide
No matter what you think now
This is time to choose your side

   On the frontline

Let your memories be sharp,
And your sould will decide
It takes time to realize that
To survive you have to fight

Looking not so far ahead
There's not much you can see
You don't know what you're going to do
Don't know who you're going to be

But you'll keep your flame alive
And you'll keep your clear mind
Getting ready to step up and fight
For the future of your kind

   On the frontline


The day is dying, the sky is gray
My mind has flown too far away
I can't remember all that I did
A shot vodka is what I need

And I will numb my mental pain
The world will never be the same again
And I'll realize
That everything is okay:
I managed to survive
One more day

Amorphous thoughts are taking shape
Old mental wounds still hurt a lot
But there's no place I can escape to
So, I will have one more shot

And phantom thoughts will go to hell
I just need to kill something in myself
And I need to think
I need to find a way
How to survive
One more day

The Moon came out with evil light
What should I do? I can't decide
I'll stay awake until sunrise
The blade of Sun, will slash my eyes

I'll feel a stab of the burning glare
Nothing matters anymore I really don't care
And I will say to myself
The only thing I can say:
"I am ready to survive
One more day"


Forgotten memories creep out of the night,
Don't want to leave, they terrorize my brain
This is the story of my life and fight
In a faraway place,  I'll never see again
The rules were given, but I didn't want to play
And be a brainless puppet of the state.
And souls of those who came before, showed me the way
I realized: I'm free while I can hate

    My hate is on the roll
    My hate I don't control
    My hate I never restrain
    My hate is my pain

Sometimes I thought that people were about to change
As years passed, my hopes went up in flames.
Offspring of slaves, enjoying their sweet revenge
Will never change, will always stay the same
So, I grew tired of the endless struggle and sick debates
And I escaped, before it was too late
That's all I took with me to the United States:
My burning heart, my brain, and finally, my hate

What was awaiting me-I never had a clue
The airplane impaled the morning sky
The future did not matter, I just knew
That there's no way back - I'd rather die
My homeland will always be my nightmare-
The largest prison ever, not a state
And if it goes to hell, I wouldn't care
That'll be the end of story of my hate!


Некрофилический мир. Смрадно чавкает тьма.
Уничтожат и тебя за кусок дерьма.
За клочок бумажки тебе закажут гроб.
Всё на свете жаждет экзистенциальный подход.

    Мне не понять этот мир, мне не войти в этот мир
    Я аутсайдер, я аутсайдер.

Глобальная ненависть в глазах людей-
Источник проклятия на земле.
Мы хотим поскорее друг друга убить.
Мы уже с рождения не хотим жить
In a world of necrofilia darkness filthily chews.
You will perish as well, for some random shit.
It only takes a piece of paper for your coffin to come custom made.
Everything grows so hungry for an existential way.

    I don't believe in this world,
    I can't be part of this world, I am an outsider… An outsider…

Universal hatred in people's eyes-
Eternal curse of humanity upon this earth
We are always striving to rape and to kill
From our moment of birth we do not want to live
(песня Гражданской Обороны)
THE SPELL (by Civil Defense)
Сон наоборот
Я спотыкаюсь на ровном метсте
Сон наоборот
Волос в чашке моей воды

Грязный бинт и окно за окном

Я увидел день
Я видел в небе, там кто то ходит.
Я увидел тень
Блуждающих окон восковые огни

Грязный бинт и окно за окном

Запретите мне
Я торчу на одном и том же
Запретите мне
Все равно уже кайф прошёл

Грязный бинт и окно за окном

Сон наоборот
Я спотыкаюсь на ровном метсте
Сон наоборот
Волос в чашке моей вины

Грязный бинт и окно за окном
An inverted dream….
Now I am tripping on level surface….
An inverted dream…
Strand of hair floats in my cup…

Dirty bandage and a window outside…

Then I saw the day…
I looked at the sky-someone is walking there…
Then I saw a trace….
Of wandering windows and their waxy lights….

Dirty bandage and a window outside…

Put your bounds on me
I am still stuck on same old bullshit
Put your bounds on me
Anyways, the high has gone away

Dirty bandage and a window outside…

An inverted dream….
Now I am tripping on level surface….
An inverted dream…
Strand of hair in my cup of guilt…

Dirty bandage and a window outside…


Shadows of my former self
Hints of a forlorn past
Striking a beat I can't ignore
If I am to free myself at last

Tears of pain come roaring by
Joyous present swept away
A constant wave of haunting dares
My memories to enslave

Broken, I can not break away
Swimming backwards, emptied pride
Arms outstretched futilely swing
At an enemy not outside

Grasping for a fading hope
Wishing I could be reborn
Trapped by thoughts that won't reveal
The poisoned hearts they have torn
(песня Гражданской Обороны)
IRRITATION (by Civil Defense)
Крыши едут от одиночества
Крыши едут от закомплексовки
Крыши едут от напряженности
Крыши едут от злой обиды

Снаряд взорвался, звезда-полынь
И нам в лицо летят осколки

Соль растворилась в моём стакане
Во мне не растворяется эго
Размешайте его во мне
Ложкой толстого похуизма

Что-бы собрать воедино себя
Мы будем собирать осколки

Поражение одиночеством
Под красной краской потеет кожа
Алеют звезды святым пророчеством
Извечный кайф под кровавой рогожей

И вот нас свинтят одного за другим
А на нашем месте остаются шрамы
Minds are lost due to loneliness
Minds are lost due to complexes
Minds are lost due to strain and stress
Minds are lost due to bitterness

The shell exploded-
The star becomes the grass
And in our faces fly the shrapnel fragments
Of irritation, of irritation, of irritation, of irritation

Salt got dissolved in my water cup
But my ego will not get dissolved inside of me
Won't you stir it up just a bit
With a heavy spoon of dumb-assness

To put ourselves back into one whole
We will have to gather little pieces
Of irritation, of irritation, of irritation, of irritation

Annihilation via loneliness….
Under the red paint, the skin grows sweaty….
The stars burn crimson with a holy prophecy-
Eternal high under a bloody cover

And so, we are picked off,
Picked off one by one
But in our places remain the scars
Of irritation, of irritation, of irritation, of irritation

Unimportant things control my life
To be free I think I have to die
To be whole I'm gonna have to brake
To go on I'm gonna have to trip and fall

People throwing rocks on either side
Aiming for their foe across the road
But the only one who bleeds is me
I am in the middle-me they do not see

I am killing everyone alive
I am resurrecting all the dead
Flies and vultures wait for my decree
Circling and waiting like they always had
Если выпил ты водки с вином до хуя
Уступивши желудку в неравной борьбе
И сидишь ты в сортире устало блюя-
Эту песню свою посвещаю тебе.

    Ой блюй....

Не пытайся заткнуть этот мощный фонтан-
Посмотри что ты ел- здесь всего до хера
Здесь картошка, капуста, живой таракан
Что случайно заполз в твою рюмку вчера

    Ой блюй....

Все пройдет и наступят счастливые дни
Когда будем мы пить но не будем блевать
А пока, ты ещё в унитаз блевани
И скажи всему миру 'Ух ёб твою мать!'

    И блюй...
If you had too much vodka, then chased it with wine
Now your stomach succumbs in this uneven war
And you pray to the toilet, tiredly throwing up
–Then to you I dedicate this song of mine

    Throw up……

Do not try to extinguish this fountain of yours
Closer look will reveal-there's just so much stuff:
a potato, some cabbage, a roach still alive
(Must have crawled in your shot glass during yesterdays binge)

    Throw up……

Maybe some day there will come to pass a glorious time-
We'll be getting so trashed, but will never throw up,
But until those times come, let it out just once more,
Tell the rest of the world -'Motherfuckers, fuck off!'

    And throw up………………

I don't remember if I woke up yesterday
Don't know if I'll go to bed tonight and fall asleep
The days speed up- I can't hold on to save my life
It seems the order of all things is slowly sinking in my wake

What's that you say to me? Now I am trying not to worry, not to trip.
I think you told these words to me before.
Was it last week or was it fifteen hundred years ago?
Some hidden universal seams are straining and about to brake

I can't recall things I should know
And I do remember what I should forget
Things aren't the same. I know they've never been the same.
And I am surfing to insanity on a wave of discontent.

My world is bare (the only way it could have been at all).
And houses made of cards cry softly underneath my feet
Sometimes I do glance up, but mostly stare at the ground
Hot winds are mixing up my thoughts, and chewing at my face

I hear doors that slam in empty passageways
And maybe somewhere there are oceans, and fresh fallen snow
Who knows what lies beyond and where to turn for help
Or even if there's a name for such a lonely place?

There is no way to break this de-javu
People tell me I look tired, but I know I am spent
Things aren't the same. I know they've never been the same.
And I am surfing to insanity on a wave of discontent
На  улице дождь хуярит опять
A мне на него насрать
Сегодня я буду водку жрать
А потом на гитаре играть

И пусть сосед стучит по трубе
Пытаясь взять на испуг
Я громко скажу ему 'Хуй тебе!!!'
И только прибавлю звук

    Я панк!

Пускай мудаки боятся воды
Пусть ходят они в плащах
А мне все эти дожди до пизды-
Была бы гитара в руках

Пусть мне говорят что я плохой
Ведь это ещё не факт
Сейчас возьму ещё аккорд
Пусть соседа ёбнет инфаркт

    Я панк!

Не буду я жить как живете вы-
Копейки всю жизнь считать
Быть ниже травы и тише воды
И жопу вам всем лизать

Пусть мне говорят что я болван
Не трахает это меня
Была бы гитара да водки стакан,
А все остальное- хуйня!

    Я панк!
Outside the rain is drenching the earth
But I do not give a damn
Tonight I am gonna be hitting the booze,
Tonight I am gonna jam

And let the neighbor pound on the wall-
Intimidation won't work
I will tell him to go and fuck himself,
Then turn up the volume and rock!

    That's punk!

And let the dumb-asses fear the rain
With their stupid rain coats
As far as I go, rain is not such a pain
While there's a guitar in my hands

And let them all say that I am no good
That still does not make it a fact
I will pound out some more of those power chords-
Let my neighbor get a heart attack

    That's punk!

There is no way that I will live like you-
Counting money through all of your life.
Be unseen, unnoticed, unheard and meanwhile
Kissing ass all the time.

And you can tell me that I am dumb,
That's not going to make me mad
While I have my guitar and my vodka glass
I really don't give a shit.

    That's punk!

I'm standing in front of you, spitting in your face
In your'society' life is just a race.
Don't want your end to be the one for me
I would rather drink poison but still remain free.

    We will die in our youth not to be in your way
    We will die in our youth so you won't feel ashamed
    We will die in our youth, rejected and shunned
    We will die while we're young

In this life we need from you nothing at all
Rusty idols of yours breaking down as they fall
Vodka bottle can turn into Molotov cocktail
I am burning inside, you will be burning as well

You are prizing yourselves, insignificant creatures
Any thought about death is overpowered by fear
We shall all meet some time on the opposite side
And your 'fuck off' will turn into our 'good bye'


Listen to ocean, look at the sky
Listen to rain, listen to wind
Listen to nature and wake up your mind
And you will hear, if you just try

Glorious ages of honor and pride
faded away by millenia of lies
The spirit of Heathen will never die
It grows stronger, it bursts from inside ...

Winter is over, now comes the Spring
Walls will be broken, chains will be torn
Imprisoned souls set free and reborn
And Song of Freedom the heavens will sing



There are so many songs that have never been sung
There are so many stories that have never been told
I just want to be myself and always stay young
But reality sucks: we are all getting old

There are so many dreams that will never come true
Like big trucks in the night they are just passing by
There is nothing eternal. I'm getting the clue-
Sooner, later, whenever … everything has to die

I stand next to my window, looking out at the world
And the world stares back with its big flashing lights
But I hear no soul inside this concrete and stone.
There's nothing out there- so I pull down the blinds.


There is no use trying to stop it now
It will not do you any good at all
Metastasis rips through you
And inside it makes you foul
Surging through your brain
Driving you insane
Kills you from within
Eats your healthy flesh

Like the writing on the wall
Like a dust flake in your eye
Unnoticeable at first
But then it grows worse and worse
And then you can not stop it
No matter how you try
And then realization comes
That you are going to die

Take your photograph
From 6 months ago
Health just bursts from you
(Or so it would appear)
Take a mirror now
What do you see inside?
Does it make you scream?
Does it make you cry?

Diluting blood with morphine
Won't kill the real pain
The real pain is in the thought
That there is no future

Say 'good bye' to your friends,
To your mom, to your dad,
To your life, to your love,
To your thoughts, to yourself
Say 'hello' to decay
To your skin turning gray
Unexistence is at hand
Darkness will be like your friend
Like your love, like your life
Like your thoughts, like yourself