GUITAR, VOCALS - Mad Heathen (since 2001)
Mad Heathen started to play punk-rock back in 1992 in his native Lipetsk, Russia with bands "Uebistye Gitary" ("Fucked up guitars") and "A.G. & Spetsnaz". In 1998 (better later than never) he decided to say "farewell" and "fuck-off" to that country and moved to San Francisco where eventually he co-founded "Black Dream". Mad Heathen loves beer, soccer, and punk rock!

BASS - Manny (since 2015)
Hi I'm bass player Manny, previous bands include Illcontent, THC-69 and Shredbaby. When I first got into music in the 70s, it was AC/DC, Alice Cooper and Led Zeppelin. I followed everything since to about ten years ago, since then I've been more into what sounds the heaviest and had to stop trying to keep track of all the bands and was more concerned with playing my bass then what everybody else is doing!
DRUMS - Huyator Finkelstein (since 2001)
In 1990 Huyator (ie "The pounder") moved to US from Minsk which was then part of USSR. By year 2000, his brain was bubbling with thoughts of sonic mischief and other great (or so he thought) ideas. So its a small wander, that a chance meeting with Mad Heathen ended up in formation of then-nameless band which later, with arrival of Greenpig and Thundertoes became Black Dream. Huyator's trademark is merciless beating of the drums which often results in sticks flying all over the place, drums falling over and ears being busted. His interests include extreme music of all kinds and cult literature/movies.

Former Members

BASS - Thundertoes (2001-2005)
Thundertoes was your average Joe American, content with the average Joe activities, when he was recruited as the final member of Black Dream. His former college roommate Huyator was desperately seeking a bassist to fill in the songs with various combinations of sustained, brooding minor key parts and fast, folksy/punky beats. However, the greatest talent of Thundertoes probably lies in his ability to come up with bass lines beyond his ability to play consistently.
Unfortunately for us, in July of 2005 Thundertoes moved to Los Angeles for personal reasons. We wish him luck, we will miss him.
GUITAR - Greenpig (2001-2005)
Greenpig is a Bay Area native and owns a green guitar. She likes industrial and ebm music, so she in charge of the melodic side of things in the band. She usually prefers to lurk in dark corners from where she gently unleashes her soulful solos on the world. Greenpig also likes to sleep in the mornings and to read books that deal with psychological side of human beings like Dostoevsky. She is NOT Russian.
Unfortunately, in October of 2005 Greenpig decided to quit the band for personal reasons. We will miss her
GUITAR - Brendan (2006)
Brendan moved to Oakland in June of 2005, from Orcutt/Santa Maria on the Central Coast. He has played guitar and bass in Over Qualified (77 punk) Captain Morgan and the Scurvy Dogs (hard-core) and the Briggands (Oi). He also plays the bagpipes in the Central Coast Pipe and Drum Band and in the Monterey Bay Pipe Band. A huge Fitba' fan, he supports West Ham United FC, San Jose EarthQuakes, and the U.S. National Team. The last league team he played on was an arena soccer team named the Hooligans, a bunch of misfits that were drunk at every game, cheered at every red card, had most games called against them for fighting and after three seasons they were banned from the league. All and all a good time.
Unfortunately in the end of 2006 Brendan decided to quit Black Dream to become more involved in his other projects, including playing bag pipes in "Me First and Gimme Gimmes". We wish him luck and we will miss him.
GUITAR - Max Blakoute (2007-2011)
Max started playing guitar in 1991 and after doing sound and being in various bands formed Robot God, a dissonant band dedicated to noise and oblivion. Max' guitar playing evokes images of wounded horses, elephant orgies, and rusted machines being flogged into motion after having seized. Designed to make your aura turn black, his music has been used to spur day laborers in the demolition industry. Max' music dues are paid in blood after an onstage explosion left him with a piece of glass shrapnel embedded in his face. Legal considerations prohibit disclosing what happened to the gogo dancers from a show at SOMARTS but lessons observed include not letting your dancers eat donuts off the floor, and that a gentleman never goes ATM. Gear includes headless guitars, old school pedals, and aging tube amps. Motorcycle fanatic. Favorite drink is Gin. Last book read was "Playback" by Raymond Chandler. Currently enthralled with his two kittens Olive and Lurch.
Unfortunately, in November of 2011, Max decided to quit the band to be able to spend more time being a husband and a father. We wish him luck, and we will miss him.
BASS - Uncle Lou (2005-2013)
Lou was playing in his first Punk Rock band called Oak Strong (est.1996) out of Tempe AZ when the lead singer/guitar player decided to go out and find Jesus (to many mushrooms if you ask me). Lou played with a band called Slip Mahoney in his home State of CT, but then he decided that winters suck ass, and eventually moved to Hayward CA in the Spring of 2004. Lou started playing in a new band, but again lost his singer/guitar player BUT this time to Buddha (What the Fuck Man?!). Finally, Lou meet up with Black Dream and can happily say he is the new Bass player for the band (IF MAD HEATHEN FINDS ANY KIND OF GOD I AM PUNCHING HIM IN HIS THROAT). Things that keep Lou Happy are his wife Bridget, his dog Skid, and their cat Tootsie, and almost forgot BEER, LOTS and LOTS of BEER. Words of advise from Lou to all that may read this and are thinking about getting into a band 'LEAVE FUCKEN RELIGION AT HOME YOUR IN A FUCKEN PUNK BAND NOT A CHURCH CHORUS'
Unfortunately, in August of 2013 Uncle Lou decided to move back to East Coast for personal reasons. We wish him luck and we will miss him.
BASS - The Shoeless Wonder (2014)
Born in a town of pure oppression, The Shoeless Wonder found home in the Bay Area in 2011. After given an opportunity from the Universe, met up with Mad Heathen and Huyator to complete the band known as BLACK DREAM.
Unfortunately, in December of 2014 Shoeless Wonder decided to move to Hawaii. We wish him luck and we will miss him.